Modern Caricature Gifts

Family Caricature GiftToonJam Studios not only caters for businesses, but also individuals looking to get their loved one a unique gift available nowhere else. We sell these unique caricatures at very affordable prices. Absolutely fantastic value for money.

These particular caricatures are unlike no other, as these have a totally modern twist. These caricatures resemble cartoons you may see on the television such as The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy etc. The best part is that there is no loss of likeness with the simplification of the style. In fact, you could argue that these caricatures look more like you than more traditional caricatures. This is because traditional caricatures tend to exaggerate the features of their subject in order for it to look like them (which is great), whereas, these just look like you without having to exaggerate.

The best thing about this style is that the possibilities are absolutely endless. You could be standing with your favourite celebrity or you could be standing in the Simpsons living with your own self-styled couch gag. Not only that but we could actually create you as a Simpsons (‘style’ (need to put that in there)) Character, with the yellow skin and big bulgy eyes.

Or perhaps you fancy having your family portrait as Southpark characters? Or cartoon animals? Again, endless possibilities.

What we require from you is adequate photos, information and payment. Once we have all of those, we will complete your artwork within a week. We can create the artwork digitally for you or have it mounted and framed (though this is the slightly more expensive option). We can also have your custom caricature printed in a key ring or fridge magnet.

We would send you the proofs once we complete the caricature. Should you not be happy with the result, we will endeavour to correct the caricature for you until you are satisfied. This is so long as it meets your initial specifications.

We have a page set up especially for our caricature gifts. You can find the website here. There is a fully working order form and step-by-step guidelines on how to process your order. You can still order through this website too!

Below are some examples of our caricature gifts.